HASPROC, software for procurement that automates the process and reduces the costs of procurement:

  • Simple communication with suppliers
  • Procurement quality assurance
  • Analytical data generation
  • Full database of PRO-Suppliers integrated
  • Fast Requests for Quotes (RfQ)
  • Electronic Auction

We are exclusive partners of HASELT for distribution of a software for procurement, called HASPROC. It is Macedonian software for procurement, developed by demands from several big private companies from Macedonia, with integrated database of suppliers from all industries, and supporting MK, ALB, and EN language.

Our unique database of subcontractors, called PRO, is a union of our clients and associates, complemented by public information for active participants in tenders from all industries in the Republic of Macedonia. We use it when Bidders need a subcontractor to create a complete tender offer, or when Buyers need to provide more bids for a choice.